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Welcome to Mahila Seva Samaja

Mahila Seva Samaja was established in 1913. It is a registered society incorporated in 1914 under The Mysore Societies Regulation No.III of 1904. The founder was Smt. Parvatiamma Chandrashekar Iyer. The founding members worked for the upliftment of destitute women. The school was started to give education to girls and women, which was noteworthy, as there were hardly any institutions providing education to women at that time.

The school is administered by a managing committee comprising only of women. Most of the members are old students of the school or they are retired members of the staff of the school. All the members work on an honorary basis, as service to the society and education of the children.

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  • Vision
  • Aims & Objectives

“Continuous pursuit of excellence through wholesome education for life.”

The institution was founded on the following principles:

1. Teaching and training of women for literacy and self-reliance.

2. Helping the needy and taking up other philanthropic activities towards creating a better society.

3. Creating awareness of work done for women and children by this institution.

4. Providing a suitable environment where women and children can nurture their skills further.

100 Years celebration